Professional Services

Our professional services divisions carry our simple to complex infrastructure projects. We have teams in place to help drive key business visions with technology by moving the projects from definition gate to project close gates.

Professional services

Managed services

Our managed service division provides 8am – 5pm support for our client’s infrastructure. Whether we carry out the project or we simply onboard your infrastructure we strive to provide support for your business whilst giving you the peace of mind to focus to your business core objectives.

Managed services

Kiecom is a information technology services, contracting and consulting firm which provides businesses with quality brand-name information technology network solutions (Professional services) and reliable technical support (Managed services).

Why we do
We want to deliver a business which allows customers see us as a safe investment; and with growing partnerships our customer now begin to us as an extension of their own business. We want promote innovation and technology whilst allowing our customers focus on their core business areas.

What we do

Increase employee efficiency
Employees expect more from their employers these days and they want to use devices of their own choosing and have control of when they do things, perhaps working from home attending to personal matters and work simultaneously. They need to be able to get things done quickly as their workloads continue to grow

Enhance customer communication
Customers are also increasingly conscious of what they spend money on, and finding new ways to enlighten and inspire customers to encourage them to spend more is extremely important. To do these businesses need to explore and exploit new ways to get close to customers in a proactive way

Promote infrastructure agility
Providing high quality adaptable solutions and using platforms that easily expand and contract to variable business needs is critical. Businesses have to accelerate infrastructure flexibility to keep up and get ahead.

our partners



What our clients say

"Kiecom Limited have carried out several projects within the unified communications space for the trust. Without going into too much technicality about the work they have carried out; I can confirm that projects have been delivered with the highest professionalism and after project support is superb."

Hergy Galsinh
ICT Manager
Leeds and York NHS Foundation Trust

"We at intrinsic we are an IT services company with vast range of engineers in different fields. We engaged Kiecom services to help deliver projects for several of our clients. I must say that their engineers carried out job successfully and on budget. I recall one of customers calling me to sing praises on one of the Kiecom engineers. I strongly recommend Kiecom to any business."

Andrew Jackson
Head of Professional services
Intrinsic Technology

Some of the UKs bigger brands rely on Kiecom